Company Background

Company Background

Garador – garage door specialists with a unique history

The first B&D Roll-A-Door was manufactured in Sydney in 1956 and overnight revolutionised the garage door industry. Subsequently a licencing agreement with AHI Garage Doors was put in place which saw the installation of AHI Roll-A-Doors throughout New Zealand.

Since then, the AHI Garage Door brand’s modern day incarnation Garador has developed a legacy like no other within the local garage door industry. A number of successful window joinery businesses jumped at the chance to add garage doors to their offering and many are still operating within the Garador dealer network today.

Garador products have evolved over time

With on-going investment in research and development, two manufacturing plants in New Zealand as well as across Australia and in China, the latest Garador garage doors and openers continue a long tradition of welcoming homeowners into their homes every day with even greater convenience, safety and security.

Garador garage doors have come a long way since the humble Roll-A-Door and the sometimes awkward tilting door. As garages got bigger, so did the garage doors, and sectional doors quickly became the door of choice for double car garages due to their rigid nature and security across wider openings. Garador now has huge range of styles, colours and finishes spanning from trusty steel to majestic timber through to a thermally broken insulated design.

And while Garador’s tilt door fittings have been redesigned to make them safer with inbuilt spring retention systems, the company took a leap further with the recently introduced Flex-A-Door, a hybrid that brings together the best that roller and tilt doors have to offer. The product is fast gaining preference in the replacement tilt door market.


A long way from the clunky TRV-300 Tilt-A-Matics, the Garador GDO range of garage door openers are built using modern DC technology. This allows for almost silent operation, low standby power consumption and the ability to operate completely by solar power with the use of an ancillary backup battery.

The range also incorporates TrioCode™ 128 multi-frequency 128-bit encrypted technology which ensures Garador openers will never have interference from household wireless products such as baby monitors, door bells and wireless entertainment systems. Access to your home is secure and future-proofed with a Garador garage door opener.

A specialist garage door dealer network

With over 35 outlets nationally, Garador is the largest garage door distributor network in New Zealand committed to all aspects of garage doors and openers. This includes in-home consultations through to delivery and installation, along with future servicing and maintenance.

Garador’s unique history of over 40 years within the industry has resulted in an in-depth knowledge of garage door products, installation requirements and service. Garador truly are the garage door specialists.

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